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Apartment inspection - What you should look out for

Many people are familiar with this situation: They want to move soon and are looking for the perfect apartment for them. If you have finally found what you are looking for in the fiercely competitive housing market and are able to make an appointment for a visit to the apartment, the anticipation naturally increases.

So that your viewing appointment will be a complete success and you really have everything relevant to your new apartment in view, we have put together for you here are the most important tips and tricks around the apartment inspection. In this way, nothing important will be missed and you can appear well prepared for your appointment. A tip in advance: It is best to make a checklist in advance, take it with you and make notes directly on site.



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Environment and neighborhood at the new place of residence

Our first tip for you: Always come to the potential new place of residence before the appointment, at least half an hour. In this way, you can calmly examine the possible parking situation, look at the neighborhood and let the general environment work on you. It will contribute significantly to the well-being of the new place of residence later on, and you should make sure that you also have enough time for this impression.

Depending on your personal needs, please pay attention to the direct infrastructure or to kindergartens, schools, bakeries, pharmacies etc. in the vicinity. You can also look out for supermarkets in the vicinity or to the nearest bus stop to get an overview.

General condition of the residential object

In any case, you should pay attention to the condition of basic elements such as front door, floor coverings, wall and ceiling paneling. If a carpet is in the apartment, you should inquire about its age, possible cleaning or even disposal. Look out for any damage, cracks etc. and speak to them in any case. The landlord/estate agent should be able to give you information.

Another tip: Avoid viewing appointments that take place at a time of day when it is already dark – in the winter, even in the afternoon. Because in these cases you may be able to escape a very important factor, namely the brightness of the apartment. If not for all, it is for many a crucial point in terms of apartment inspection. You can also ask about the sunlight in the living rooms, for example, to be able to estimate how much the apartment will heat up in the summer. Inquire also about what exactly belongs to the rental property – for example, cellar, garden, attic or the like.

Also pay attention to the details

Now, look at the details in your potential new apartment. For the fittings in the kitchen and bathroom, you should check that everything is working properly. Also pay attention to possible leaking pipes under sinks and sinkholes and on mold stains, especially in the bathroom and on the windows. Furthermore, it is advisable to inquire about the type and age of the heating system, as both have a direct influence on the heating costs you incur. Ask if the heater has been serviced regularly.

For doors and windows, you should check the heat insulation and noise reduction. Ideally, open and close each window and door once to make sure everything is working properly. Now to the electrical system: Look at the number and position of the sockets and test the light switches. In some cases, it may be relevant if there is an elevator in the house. Also after a dishwasher and washing machine connection, you should inquire.

Apartment Moving

A few more useful tips


 РFour eyes often see more than two Рso you are welcome to visit the apartment with another person . Another impression can be very valuable for your decision.

 РInquire why your previous tenant has moved out . Was there any noise, neighborhood problems or other negative reasons?

 РObtain the amount of the deposit payable and any brokerage fee .

Also ask if there  would be a replacement for any existing kitchen or other furnishings .

 РYou should also inquire about the cleaning and wintering regulations so that you know which obligations are coming to you.

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