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Long Distance Moving

One of the main challenges of long distance moving is that of finding an efficient, reputable, and fast-moving company to handle the job. This has deterred most people from thinking about moving to another state or city. This should not be a problem as Sprint Mover one of the leading and most efficient moving companies in the country is capable of handling the job.

While you will agree that long distance moving takes a lot of time, we at Sprint Mover have devised a means to make it less time consuming than you can imagine. To ensure that you are not stressed in any way, our team of professional movers will be on site to offer all the needed advice as well as discuss the major steps and procedures that should be followed to make the long distance moving an enjoyable and efficient one. Our team of experienced and professional long distance movers will first assess the condition of your items, take an inventory of all the items, then devise a safe and faster means to have your items loaded into the van.

With our main aim as a company being to make your long distance moving as enjoyable as possible, we offer a low-cost but professional moving service that cannot be matched. At Sprint Mover, we understand that there are tons of reasons people move from one city or state to another. This is why we are always available and ready to make the transition process as comfortable, fast, and as efficient as possible.

“Very fast, professional, and highly recommended.”

Moving is very stressful, and getting the right movers doesn't help with the stress. But I'm glad I hired this company. They were fast and didn't even take a break! For a 1 bedroom (2 floors) and steps, to the final destination and unloading, only took 4 hours. Couldn't beat the price either. Very fast, professional, and highly recommended.

Long Distance Moving Services We Offer

Home Movers

Residential moving

Residential long distance moving is one stressful task, but you do not have to worry as our team of long distance movers are always ready to help. Our employees have been trained to move your items in such a way that none is damaged during the transportation phase.


Student moving

At Sprint Mover, we have designed a special “student moving” service that caters to the general moving needs of students moving to various campuses. To make this special moving service more comfortable for students, it has been designed to help them save extra loads of cash. While this service is low cost, it is handled by experienced and professional movers.

Packing Service

Packing services

We also offer long distance packing services to our clients. Our experienced movers will have your items packed and unpacked in a professional manner.

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