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Office moving

A company move office moving means a lot more work than a residential move. More intensive planning is therefore indispensable for the smooth running of the project. This helps keep downtime as low as possible. Therefore, it is the best way to put the office moving in the hands of professionals. At relocation auction, you will find companies that specialize in office moving with a relocation request. Sprint Mover has optimal moving rates for businesses which need asap relocation solutions.

For office moving, hiring a moving company is essential – even for smaller companies. Some freight forwarders specialize in office moving or business relocation and are always to be preferred in their selection. You can be sure of your choice to work with Sprint Mover office moving professionals to keep things running smoothly at your new location as soon as possible. However, it is recommended that your employees pack their personal documents and items from their own workplace. To avoid chaos and confusion in the new location and employees can set up at the new location the same individual. The most important factor in an office moving is time. Be sure to plan ahead with at least three to four months in advance if you plan to move with your company. Only in this way, a perfect and comprehensive preparation can be achieved, and only in this way, all employees and those responsible can be optimally prepared for the upcoming changes.

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These guys are spectacular. They were helpful, prompt and professional. They followed up with me on multiple occasions and accommodated fluctuations in my schedule and needs. I highly highly recommend this service.

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Residential moving

Our aim is to always offer you quality despite quick and efficient residential moves. You can see that in particular by our positive customer feedback

Student moving

The student moving can save a lot of money, as mounting and packing is often not a problem when moving. We have a “student moving” special service model for moving students.

Packing services

Sprint Mover offers the packing service for all moves and are happy to carry out the packing service. We call the full service with packing and then unpacking your household!

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Office Moving Services We Offer

Office moving happens to be more stressful and time-consuming than the regular residential moving. A more intensive and purpose-driven plan is needed if the job is to run smoothly. The mental and physical work involved in office moving is why it is advised that you hire the service of professional office movers. These movers have been trained to handle all office moving tasks as efficient and as fast as possible. Sprint Mover happens to be one of the leading companies that offer office moving services.

We understand the importance of having your office items moved to your new location, that is why we devise a plan that would make the moving process faster and more efficient. While our team of professionals is capable of handling the job, there are certain preliminary things you should do.

First, it is advised that your employees move their personal files and documents to the new location. This is to ensure that there is no misplacement of documents as it could be detrimental to the success of the company. Secondly, bear in mind that time is of the essence. It is advised that you make preparations ahead. This would help us devise a faster and more efficient plan to have your office items moved to your new building. Your employees should be informed beforehand of the move, as it would help them plan better.

Packing and unpacking of office items

we understand that often times, these office or company items are quite expensive. This is why we only send professional and experienced office movers to handle the job. These professional movers will expertly pack your items irrespective of how heavy and large they are. Also, when they arrive at your new building, they unpack these items expertly as well. All you have to do is simply tell them where each of the items should be placed.

Long distance office moving

often times most businesses may move from one city or state for various reasons. We at Sprint Mover have a team of professional and experienced long distance office movers that are always ready to have these office items moved. We understand the risks that come with long distance office moving and that is why we have devised certain techniques as well as make use of certain advanced tools to get the job done in less than no time.

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